What Would The Lean Startup Look Like For Nonprofits?

Knight Foundation support for nonprofit news startups shifts focus to …

To those venturing to launch nonprofit sites, the good news is that the turn from start-up funding to new and diversified sources of revenue can be done. To potential foundation funders, the message is that these sites do 
My Conversation With Eric Ries on the benefits of Lean Start Up …

Q: Nonprofits may get their “start up” or innovation funding from foundations. Venture capitalists fund start up businesses. Big corporations invest in internal labs to come up with innovative products or approaches. Can you talk 
Dorm Room Fund Fuels MIT’s Refresh Startup

Along with a team from MIT and Harvard, I founded Mentor Me India, a mentoring non-profit for girls from underprivileged backgrounds in India and raised $500k of funding for MIT Global Startup Labs in Sri Lanka to keep the 
Why Top Silicon Valley Investors Are Backing This Nonprofit Startup …

Chase shares the story of Watsi with others at Startup School. Watsi is a less than 2 year old non-profit that has managed to get a star studded list of Silicon Valley investors backing them. They have built a Kickstarter like crowd-funding 
Case Study: 3 Day Startup Helps San Antonio Nonprofits Explore …

Many nonprofits operate in a state of financial haze — simply because nonprofit leaders have more domain knowledge about creating impactful programs than they have about funding their organizations. In changing 
Watsi Receives $1.2M in Funding to Push the Nonprofit Tech Startup …

Other than the fact that it doesn’t want to make money, Watsi looks just like any other tech startup.
Y Combinator To Fund Non-Profit Startups With Charitable Donations

Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham has penned a post that says the accelerator will begin funding non-profit startups and organizations that are accepted.
Bitcoin Startup Coinbase Gets $25 Million In Funding From The Most …

Bitcoin startup Coinbase announced today that it raised $25 million in a series B funding from Andreessen Horowitz, with previous investors kicking in some more cash. Coinbase does a little bit of everything with bitcoin.
New nonprofit fund will invest in startups – TODAY’S TMJ4

Eight investors are forming a new nonprofit foundation aimed at helping startup businesses across Wisconsin.
Ten Tips For Raising Start-Up Funding In The Cannabis Industry …

How To Pitch Your Canna-Business Start-Up To Investors As we’ve previously discussed, investors have taken an interest in canna-business start-ups in recent years. Venture capitalists (VCs) and angel investors are recognizing Prior to his work with UpToke, Jason was a content developer for Kaplan Publishing and consultant for research non-profits such as the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI). Want to join the conversation? Join the Medical Jane 
Lean Impact Series: 10 Changemakers Using Lean Startup Methods …

To help us learn more about how to apply Lean Start Up ideas to nonprofit causes and organizations, Meg Rulli is the Social Media Director for Lean Impact and her colleagues will be contributing a regular blog post covering In addition to providing much-needed funds, the campaign would allow the Greater Greener team to validate their idea: if the campaign were successful, they could demonstrate to city officials that there was strong public support for this project.
Grants, Sponsorships, Donations: How to Choose the Right Funding …

Grants Make Large Purchases Possible. How in the world can a small non-profit organization afford to purchase computers, furniture, software, and other equipment needed to start up a vocational training program? Typically, a grant is the 

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