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Yesterday, he told me his dreams. His dreams were
1. Earn enough so I can travel
2. Have happy family with me
3. Buy Subaru Legacy for himself

These dreams are all pretty much about us and it made me happy to think that in his mind though we are not married in paper, we are family. When he bought his car last year, he bought a car that will be convenient for family use. He told me if I ever got my licence I can drive it too. I guess he is a family guy and yes, I must say that’s another reason that I feel comfortable around him because I can see how much he value his family and he respect my parents just right amount. Our dream is to have a happy family of our own and to spend as much time with both of our parents. So our journey continues.


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banner293 [My Life] Happy Family


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  1. Such a dream guy! Your very lucky and congratulations :)

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